2. benchandcompass:

    Roads? Where we’re going, there are no roads. 

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  3. chrisburkard:

    When the pavement ends.. This is one of the best ways to explore the coast.

    Loading up for a week of searching for surf in the PNW @fjallravenusa @quantumquest

  5. likeafieldmouse:

    Nehemiah Grew - The Anatomy of Plants (published 1692)

  6. Edward Burtynsky
    Edward Burtynsky
    Edward Burtynsky
    Edward Burtynsky
    Edward Burtynsky
    Edward Burtynsky


    Don’t wreck my flow, Edward Burtynsky

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  7. elizabethgadd:

    Latest self-portrait from Iceland.  I miss my horse friends.

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  8. mattschiels:

    hell mountain

  10. odreiuqzide:

    quentin de briey

  12. mattschiels:

    there were times when it seemed as if the rain would never stop

  13. willigula:

    Untitled by Tom Sandberg, 2011

    I’ve avoided posting nude photographs lately because there are just so many out there. But there’s something ethereal & sublime about this picture. The Norwegian photographer died in February.

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  14. likeafieldmouse:

    Uta Barth - …To Walk Without Destination And To See Only To See (2010)

  15. likeafieldmouse:

    Abelardo Morell - Camera Obscura: 5:04 AM Sunrise Over the Atlantic Ocean, Rockport, Massachusetts, June 17th, 2009