2. chrisburkard:

    Sometimes you don’t need color to experience the beauty. From my Kamchatka, Russia trip awhile back.


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  3. bienenkiste:

    Marta Dyks by Laurence Ellis for Amica June 2014

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  4. benchandcompass:

    bows & arrows. 

  5. eduardoizq:

    eva violet
    bloomington, indiana
    september, 2014

  6. eduardoizq:

    sadie miller (new view model management)
    bloomington, indiana
    october, 2014

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  7. exploreislands:

    I’ve never lived further than 10 minutes from the ocean and today I remembered how lucky I am for that | GRADIENT | nicholas kupiak

  8. nevver:

    Breathing underwater, Kate Bellm

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  9. elorablue:

    Autumn: Bratte Bakka

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  11. westaysalty:

    I saw a human slit a sheep’s throat today. Yesterday it’s brother almost fell off a 200 foot waterfall. I’m posting a pretty photo to make me feel better. 🐏

  15. chateaurelaxeau:

    Jati Luwih 14

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